WISHED (2017) – by Dayyan Eng / 110min / Comedy, Romance

Starring: Yu Xia (“In the Heat of the Sun”, “The Ghouls"), Yan Ni (“Coming Home”, Monster Hunt”), Victoria Song (“My Best Friend’s Wedding”)


PALI ROAD (2015) – by Jonathan Lim / 92min /  Mystery, Thriller

Starring: Michelle Chen (“You Are the Apple of My Eye”), Jackson Rathbone (“Twilight”), Sung Kang (“The Fast and The Furious”)

LOST IN THE PACIFIC (2016) - by Vincent Zhou / 93min / Adventure, Thriller

Starring: Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns“, “Legends of Tomorrow“), Zhang Yuqi (“The Mermaid“, ”CJ7”)


BLOOD STAINED SHOES (2012) – by Yip Wai Man / 86min / Horror, Thriller

Starring: Ruby Lin(“Princess Returning Pearl”), Kara Wai (“Dragon”), Monica Mok ("The Last Tycoon”)


HAUNTING LOVE (2012) – by Liang Ting  / 99min / Horror, Thriller

Starring: Zhilei Xin(“Brotherhood of Blades II”, “Crosscurrent"), Yi Cheng ( “Impossible”, “Lost Summer”)


INSIDE THE GIRLS (2014) – by Liang Ting  / 103min / Mystery, Thriller

Starring: Swan Wen(“Sorry I Love You”, “Inference Notes"), Yi Cheng ( “Impossible”, “Lost Summer”)